Cellular renewal   + Holistic 5D energy

Embracing body mind spirit – a unique range of gorgeous face & body products handcrafted to rejuvenate your skin & enhance your overall wellbeing.
Organic. Vegan. Kind to Sensitive Skin.
Transform your life with ANGELIC ENERGY SKINCARE for the ultimate in self-care – and enhance your natural beauty for good.


 On a physical level, cellular renewal, skin protection and hydration with natural vegan organic botanical extracts – giving your skin super hydration; protection + cellular renewal of collagen & elastin. Healing; repairing; lifting & firming Fragrant; rapidly absorbed; deeply moisturising…

Handcrafted with organic vegan plant extracts, skin actives & rejuvenating vitamins...

to minimize the signs of skin aging and protect against environmental stress;

with Vitamin C & CoEnzyme Q10 – protects against UV damage & reduces fine lines & wrinkles

Vitamin B3 – increases collagen & elastin reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reduces redness, skin irriations, age spots helps to heal sensitive skin

Vitamin E – anti-oxident – protects against free radical damage

 suitable for sensitive skin.

...and on a subtle metaphysical level, harmonising one’s emotional body – energy field – aura – with Mood boosting aromatherapy, Reiki and holistic 5D Angelic Energy  –because what we put on our skin affects the energy field of our body and therefore, our overall wellbeing.

AROMATHERAPY for skin rejuvenation & holistic wellbeing...

Exquisite Neroli oil  –  reduces fine lines, broken capillaries & calms sensitive skin; 

is the main aromatherapy oil used in Angelic Energy Skincare daytime & nightime moisturisers and eye contour cream, 

Neroli promotes cellular renewal and collagen production, leaving skin firmer softer more supple and radiant.

It’s the fastest anti-stress aromatherapy oil with a gorgeous light floral fragrance, using Angelic Energy Skincare will have a positive effect on your mind and lift your emotions.

Margaret Meliorvita – the creator of ANGELIC ENERGY SKINCARE connects with the Angelic realms when making the products and calls upon them to energise the water & botanical ingredients with Angelic Love Light Grace – so that everyone who uses the products may be imbued with these high frequency 5D energies

Angelic Energy Skincare is energised....

 with healing Reiki energy + holistic high frequency (5D) Angelic Energy

 – specifically the higher Angelic frequencies of LOVE-LIGHT-GRACE – Because our skin is the first layer of our Aura – so what we put on our skin affects the energy field of our body.

“The products carry something special…something amazing is going on… The aroma is gorgeous… after 6wks of use, my skin looks and feels more supple…the lines have softened, and the general lustre has improved….and my skin looks more luminous.” Janet. J. West Sussex.

your skin is the first layer of your Aura

so what you put on your skin affects the energy field of your body – your aura – your overall wellbeing.

Skin - a new understanding...

Your skin is amazing! Not only is it the biggest organ of your body – able to absorb waters & oils for hydration & moisture & distribute these to every part of your body.

But it’s also the 1st layer of your aura, which connects to your root & crown chakras. (Each auric layer corresponding to each chakra.) So the skincare you use affects both your physical skin & also the energy field of your skin.


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