Cleanser/Toner Orange Flower Water


Testimonial: “I’m so loving using the Orange Water Cleanser – how lovely my skin feels after I’ve used it” Jane W.

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Orange Flower Water (100ml)

recommended for: 

– Sensitive Skin

– Oily Skin

– All Skin Types

        This beautiful cleanser/toner floral is a true Hydrolat

– the water left over after essential oil distillation of Neroli Oil

  and as a  by-product of essential oils distillation has   

 thousands of particles of essential oil naturally suspended within it.

Orange Flower water soothes sensitive skin, closes pores and helps clear broken blood vessels.

It’s perfect to gently cleanse tone and rebalance your skin and remove make-up.

TO USE: pour some cleanser/toner onto cotton wool and smooth over your face and neck to remove make up and cleanse your face. repeat until clear. 

Can also be used as an Aura spray/cleanse – good anti-stress –  spray above and around  your head and face (eyes closed) allowing the fragrant energised mist to diffuse into your energy field.

Beautifully packaged in a Blue Glass Bottle to preserve the natural active anti-aging ingredients


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