Cleanser/Toner Frankincense Water


Testimonial: “lovely stuff – Frankinsense – sational!” Helen S.

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 Frankincense Water (100ml)

recommended for: 

– All Skin Types

– has excellent anti-wrinkle properties

This beautiful cleanser/toner floral is a true Hydrolat

– the water left over after essential oil distillation of Frankincense Oil

  and as a  by-product of essential oils distillation has   

 thousands of particles of essential oil naturally suspended within it.

Frankincense water is an excellent anti-wrinkle cleanser/toner.

It’s perfect to gently cleanse tone and rebalance your skin and remove make-up.

TO USE: pour some cleanser/toner onto cotton wool and smooth over your face and neck to remove make up and cleanse your face. repeat until clear. 

Can also be used as an Aura spray/cleanse – good for removing negative energy –  spray above and around  your head and face (eyes closed) allowing the fragrant energised mist to diffuse into your energy field.

NB: Not suitable for sensitive skin -use Orange Flower water cleanser/Toner instead.

Beautifully packaged in a Blue Glass Bottle to preserve the natural active anti-aging ingredients


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