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Angelic Energy

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What is Angelic energy?  

Angelic energy is quite simply, the energy of Angels.

I’m sure you have your own inner knowing about Angels, and perhaps, as you are reading this website, you are already connected to the Angelic realms or have had Angelic experiences, so I needn’t explain anything to you that you don’t already know.

If you want more info, I’ve briefly described below what my understanding of Angelic energy is and again, I respect that you may already have your own inner knowing about Angels.

I believe that we are all connected to divine source and all equally able to commune with Angels; I’m just happy to be able to share my Angelic connection and my AngelicEnergy Skincare with you.    

What are Angels?

What are Angels? The word Angel comes from the Greek word Angelos, meaning messenger, so you could say that Angels are messengers of God, or divine will, or your higher power, as you understand it. A kind of bridge between you and your higher power.

Angels are capable of feeling, but do not have free will. Every human has a guardian Angel who is created at the same time as them, at the same time as their soul or spirit came into being. Your guardian Angels’ purpose is to assist and help you on your life’s journey, over many lifetimes, but because they don’t have free will, you must ask your Angel for help, before they can work with you.

Indeed, it is part of their evolution, to help you because they are not in the physical 3D reality that we are so cannot experience or understand the kinds of emotions and thoughts that we can, so by sharing your life with your guardian Angel, it is able to learn about the 3D through you. There’s no need to “report back” – they are already connected to you, and can feel through you.

The Angelic realms are involved in our reality by working through us. In a way, we are the physical side of them, and when we work with them, they ensure that we are living our life according to the highest will, and good of all. Any task or situation that we ask them to help us with will unfold for the highest good of all, and we can be happy in the knowledge that we are surrounded by help and guidance at all times.

I believe that our guardian Angel’s are really “us” on a higher dimension, because we are all multi dimensional beings, we have different energy bodies, and different perception filters depending on how we vibrate – which is very much dependant on how we feel & think which in turn is effected by how we feed & nourish our physical bodies – including our skin.

There are enormous numbers of Angels. Angels are everywhere! And as well as individual guardian Angels, there are also groups of Angels, Archangels, over-lighting Angels for buildings, homes, businesses, vehicles, and literally, an Angel for anything you can think of!

Where are Angels?

Where are Angels? There are multi dimensions of existence:

the 1st dimension is the mineral kingdom.

The 2nd dimension is the elemental or Faery realm.

The 3rd dimension is where we, as humans reside, it’s the world we know as 3D, where we perceive past present & future.

The 4th dimension is the spirit realm, the astral plane and where we experience the effect of aroma on our senses – smell is a 4th dimensional; (Aromatherapy works on the 4th dimension).

Angels reside in the 5th dimension. (There are other dimensions after the 5th)

Since we are on the 3rd dimension which is “physical matter”, with a concept of past present future, up down and across etc, we perceive these dimensions as being higher or lower than us, but really, these concepts of up and down, higher and lower, don’t actually exist as we understand it. But for ease of communication, we will stick with the idea that the Angelic realms are on the “5th dimension”, and this place or space, has a different concept of time.

For example, in the third dimension reality, we are bound by cause and effect, things happen because they are supposed to, and there is nothing we can do to stop that.

In the 4th dimension things happen because we visualize that they will – we chant, or perform rituals or creatively visualize something happening in the future, and eventually it manifests in our 3D reality.

In the 5th dimension, things happen because we say they do, instantly. This is because the concept of time is very different here, it is not linear, which is a 3D concept, (past present future, the arrow of time going forward, is a concept of our 3D left brain mind).

This is the state of mind, the dimension of reality, where ascended masters, (most notable in our culture, Jesus Christ) performed miracles, by changing “reality” with a word or thought (or knowing), such as changing water into wine, walking on water etc. and it is here, in this dimensions, that the Angelic realms exist.

Each dimensions of reality is on different vibration & frequency so we don’t ordinarily perceive the other dimensions, because our five senses are not tuned into that frequency or vibration, which means that we can’t normally see or hear Angels with our 3D eyes and ears.

However, Angels can see and hear us, and their reality merges with ours on a permanent basis. They are created beings, i.e., they have always been Angelic, unlike beings in the spirit realms who were once incarnate on our earth (the 3D). It is my understanding that we, all the different dimensions, are inhabiting the same space in time, i.e., earth, but at different frequencies, much like having a radio on in the kitchen, and another tuned into a different station in your living room – the radio exists in both rooms but broadcasting different frequencies.

Angels are everywhere!

Most people have heard of Angels because Angels exist! They have appeared throughout history in many religious and spiritual texts and even if you are not religious – you would have heard of them because they are part of our reality.

Some people think that Angels are only a religious phenomena because historically they’ve only ever appeared in religious texts but that’s because in the beginning of the written word, only monks and religious leaders were literate, – no one else could read and write, so I wonder how many other Angelic reference their might have been, if others, outside of the religious world, were able to record their experiences and knowledge in written history?

I’m not an expert on Angels or Angelology and though you don’t need to be in order to work with the Angelic realms and call upon the Angels to help you on a daily basis, if you want to learn more, here’s a great website to start with’s_an_angel.html

It’s my belief, that the only reason anyone would disbelieve in the reality of Angels – or more to the point – in their own ability to communicate and work with Angels – is because they don’t feel ‘worthy’ or spiritual or good enough because only holy people in religious texts ever have contact with the Angelic realms. They may think, “who am I to have a guardian Angel “but this could not be further than the truth! Because Angels are everywhere! And they are here to assist us on our path, and by asking for their energy and allowing them to help, you are assisting them on their spiritual journey too

How to connect with the Angelic realms and/or connect with your Guardian Angel

If you want to know how to connect and work with the Angelic realms, to ask for assistance with a situation or task click below

how to connect with the Angelic realms

How to know connect with the angelic realms, to ask for assistance with a situation or task

Begin with the basic grounding and releasing technique:-

Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, facing east, arms relaxed by your sides, left palm facing down and right facing up, breath in through your nose and out through your mouth a few times to feel relaxed and let go of any tension in your body. Continue breathing like this and when you are ready, visualize and realize that you are breathing in love and light, (which I feel as warm and bright like sunshine) and breathing out darkness and fear. (which I see as a thin black smoke that I’m ridding from my lungs and body as I breathe out).  

Continue to breathe in love and light and breathe out darkness and fear.

Breathing In love and light, breathing out darkness and fear.

 Keep doing this until you really feel this which will be evident by the smile on your face and the feeling of warmth and love in your body J . Now, whilst continuing to breath in and out love and light darkness and fear, begin to visualize and feel yourself growing roots from the soles of your feet, down into the floor, into the ground, roots pushing through the earth, past the clay and rock strata deep down through red magma to the red iron core of the earth – connecting to the very core of mother earth – Gaia – our mother, and now take up and breath in love and light through your nose as well as through the roots of your feet – your root chakra.

Follow the feeling with your minds imagination going up into your feet, travelling up into your body –really feel it. Feel it swirling around your body up into your abdomen, into your heart chakra, down your arms.  Now, imagine the aura above the very top of your head opening up above your head – like a funnel – reaching up into the heavens and as you continue to breathe love and light in through your nose and your root chakra, now also breathe in love and light through the top of your head – your crown chakra.

So feel this flow of energy pour into the top of your head and breath it down into your chest and heart down your arms and out of your fingertips – feel the cycle of flow around your body, and as you breath our darkness and fear from your mouth and lungs, you can now also discharge this energy into the ground, back to Gaia, down your legs into your feet and roots, down into the very core of your mum who will get rid of your rubbish for you, and who will recycle this energy back to good.

This is your basic grounding and releasing technique.    

When you have filled your body with love and light and removed all traces of darkness and fear you are ready to speak to and connect with the angelic realms and you say out loud and with intent the following Invocation:

I call upon the Angelic realms 

And I ask the Angels of                                        (…………………………….. the situation/task/ issue)

 To please work with me and assist me now in (………………………………………….the thing you are doing)

And I ask the Angels of protection, to please protect my mind, my body, my aura, my spirit, from anything that is not light or of the light, and from all negative energy.  

 By divine design under grace.

 Thank you.

 So be it.

 It is done.


It’s important to say “by divine design under grace” because this ensures that the intention is for the highest good of all and not just you. For example, if you asked for a car parking space to be available outside the supermarket (yes angels are more than happy to help with such mundane matters and it always works!)  and you didn’t say “by divine design under grace” you could get that parking space because the person who was going to take if before you got hit by another car 2 roads away.

So it’s like a neat and tidy way of sewing up all the seams of the flow of energy in a positive way. It’s also important to thank the angels, not because they are big on manners (as someone once jokingly said to me) but because the energy and quality of gratitude is magnificent. Literally. If we could only master the qualities of gratitude and praise we would be pretty much ascended!   

It’s my personal preference not to call upon the angelic realms in this way ever 5mins but I do ask my guardian angels for help and assistance daily, and when you speak to your guardian angel, you can just automatically tune in, without any formal words, just know that your guardian angel is your lifelong best friend and companion but don’t worry, you’re not being spied on by your guardian angel, it’s not watching you all the time, it will only be in your personal space when you ask, and you must ask, for angels do not possess free will like us, they need to be asked before they can do anything. In a way, it’s like asking opens up the channel of communication – and your guardian angel will always be on the other end ready to connect with you. You are both part of each other’s evolution.

If you want to know how to connect to your guardian Angel click here

how to connect with your Guardian Angel

First of all, don’t be afraid. You are worthy and all is well!

So, decide that you want to know the name of your guardian Angel.

Focus your mind on this – as though you were about to undertake a task, use the same kind of concentration that you would apply if you were about to drive your car for example.

Then, whilst thinking about the fact you want to find out your guardian Angels name and knowing that as soon as you ask, you will get the answer; (and make sure you do know that before you ask – get rid of any doubts in your mind – be focused) just ask, either in your mind or say it out loud, “what is your name?” and the first name that pops into your mind is it. Trust that. And say hello! and start the conversation – open your mind to the information, thoughts and feelings that come through. The more you do this, the easier it will become.

When you speak to your guardian Angel, you can just automatically tune in, without any formal words, just know that your guardian Angel is your lifelong best friend and companion but don’t worry, you’re not being spied on by your guardian Angel, it’s not watching you all the time, it will only be in your personal space when you ask, and you must ask, for Angels do not posse free will like us, they need to be asked before they can do anything.

In a way, it’s like the act of asking opens up the channel of communication – and your guardian Angel will always be on the other end ready to connect with you because you are both part of each other’s evolution.