Angelic Energy Skincare – Cellular renewal + Holistic 5D energy

made with Energised Water

energised waterAngelicEnergy Skincare is made with energised water to replenish and hydrate your skin – energised with Reiki and Angelic Energy.

 You’ve probably heard by now that Water can store information – it holds a “memory” of energy, vibration and frequency, (hence the tradition of holy or “blessed” water). Various experiments show that Human thoughts, emotions and sounds can change water crystal’s shape.

Dr Masaru Emoto from Japan has spent many years studying water. His cutting-edge research into the relationship between water and thoughts has stunned the world.

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As we all know, water has many well researched properties which make it the main life supporter of the planet. And now new cutting edge research shows that water has consciousness.

Prof. Benveniste, Dr. Ludwig, Prof Schweitzer and Dr. Masru Emoto have clearly proved that water is able to record and store information and to react to vibrational influences; being able to receive and transmit electro-magnetic vibrations to the molecules.

This process of transmssion- amplification and storage of molecular signals, is something natural to all human beings, and the scientific experiments, call for our special attention to the kind of thoughts and words that we use

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