Angelic Energy Skincare – Cellular renewal + Holistic 5D energy

made with Aromatherapy Oils

Neroli orangeblossomExquisite Neroli essential oil  – made from Orange Flower blossoms, reduces fine lines, broken capillaries & promotes smoother skin.  And on an emotional level it’s the most powerful “anti –stress” oil.

Neroli essential oil is cytophylactic – which means it helps to regenerate skin cells, and is a rejuvenating oil useful for reducing fine lines and broken capillaries to promote a smoother skin.

Cellular renewal and collagen production are stimulated leaving skin firmer softer more supple and radiant with  the gorgeous fragrance of neroli to de-stress your mind and lift your emotions

AROMATHERAPY for skin rejuvenation and holistic wellbeing.

To rejuvenate and renew your skin; uplift your mind and balance your emotions. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to help promote mental, physical and emotional health.

Aromatherapy uses the essence of plants the essential oil for holistic healing and wellbeing. The essential oil, usually extracted by steam distillation, is like the blood or the hormones of the plant, and as such, will die if not stored correctly in dark glass to preserve its chemical properties which are adversely affected by UV light etc.

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An essential oil is made up of three parts: a major chemical, a few minor chemicals and then an array of “trace elements” ranging in number from a few hundred to many thousands. Although modern chemists are able to make synthetic versions of oils in laboratories, by replicating the major and minor chemicals, they cannot even begin to identify completely all of the trace elements found in some oils, and that’s why the smell is never quite the same, and why the therapeutic effect is not, if at all, valid.

Any aromatherapy product that you buy off the shelf which is contained in plastic, will have lost its potency within 3 weeks of storage because the tiny trace elements of the essential oil, being so very tiny, will move into the plastic, on an atomic level, and therefore, parts of the plastic will transfer into the lotion, oil, cream etc.(not vital with wash off products). The good news is, that because the particles of essentials oils are so very small, they easily move through your skin into your blood stream, where they are then distributed to whichever region of your body that needs them.

For skincare this is perfect, because your skin cell membrane will only open up and allow into itself, substances that it recognises as being part of nature, essential oils are therefore fully absorbed by skin cells speeding up cellular renewal and helping skin maintain a fresh youthful appearance.

Another interesting fact about essential oils is the effect that their fragrance has on our mind and emotions. Before I became an aromatherapist, I hadn’t really contemplated what aroma and smell actually were, and I associated smell with air, that is, whenever I smelled something, I was thought I was just breathing in a different ‘flavour’ of air, I associated aroma with “air”.

But actually, what’s really happening when you smell an essential oil is nothing like what happens when you breathe in air. Because essential oils are volatile, (able to change from a solid or liquid form to a vapour – vapour meaning particles of moisture or other substance suspended in air) tiny particles of the essence, which are physical matter, are transported through the air, into our nose, and go directly to our olfactory bulb, which is the only part of our brain where all the nerve endings are exposed. It is located between the bridge of our eyebrows, at the top of our nose.

Each particle has a particular ‘shape’ and within our olfactory bulb, there are corresponding ‘spaces’ that are exactly the same shape as each essential oil vapour particle and these particles fit into and lock in, to their space and impart information directly to our brain. Our olfactory bulb is part of the limbic system or old brain, and it is here that we deal with memory, and this is why a smell can instantly remind us of something, or a place or a time in our lives when we experienced that aroma before.

The limbic system also controls emotions; emotional responses; hormonal secretions; mood; motivation and pain and pleasure sensations, so it is clear then, how the aroma of essential oils can have a pronounced effect on our mind and emotions in addition to having a very positive physical effect when applied to our skin and body.

Electromagnetic Frequencies of Essential Oils. Aromatherapy Oils

are ‘Light Frequency’

One of the most important healing modalities of essential oils is their ability to lift our bodily frequencies to levels where disease cannot exist.

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Electromagnetic Frequencies of Essential Oils.

One of the most important healing modalities of essential oils is their ability to lift our bodily frequencies to levels where disease cannot exist.

Excerpted from: Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart, PhD. P 31-34 There is another dimension to the healing powers of essential oils. This has to do with their electrical properties. All essential oils carry electrical charges, usually electrons or negative ions, which are healing and healthful. They are also energetic, generating nanovolts of electricity (billionths of a volt) at megahertz frequencies (that’s in the radio frequency range or millions of cycles per second.)

These frequencies are measurable with properly designed instrumentation. Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology in Cheny, Washington, has developed sensitive frequency meters to measure such energies. In a series of experiments conducted by Tainio, reported in the Reference Guide to Essential Oils published by Abundant Health, the following was found:

The frequencies of essential oils are between 52-320 MHz–the highest of all known substances.The highest is Rose Oil at 320 MHz. Lower frequency oils resonate with the bodily systems that have those frequencies, such as bones and joints, and, thus, administer healing vibrations to those systems.

When several oils are blended together, a fundamental frequency will emerge that may be higher or lower than many of its components. By comparison, fresh herbs measure 20-27 MHz, dry herbs 12-22 MHz, and fresh produce 5-10 MHz. Processed or canned food measured zero. In other words, there is no life or life force in canned or processed foods. They contain chemical nutrition, but not the vital electronic nutrition of live fresh foods.

• Measurements on the human body found that a healthy person has a frequency around 62-68 MHz.

• When a person’s frequency dips to 58 MHz, cold symptoms can manifest.

• Flu symptoms start at 57 MHz, Candida at 55 MHz, and Epstein Barr syndrome at 52 MHz.

• Cancer can begin when the body falls below 42 MHz.

• The process of dying begins at 25 MHz and goes to zero at death.

In other experiments by Tainio, he measured the effects of coffee, finding even holding a cup of coffee lowers one’s bodily frequency by 8 MHz and that taking a sip can lower one’s frequency by 14 MHz.

When essential oils are inhaled following the exposure to coffee, the bodily frequencies restore themselves in less than a minute, but if no oils are administered, it can take up to three days for the body to recover from even one drink of coffee.