angelic energy skincare handmade energised anti-ageing

Individually handmade by Holistic Aromatherapist & Reiki practitioner Ms Margaret Meliorvita


Anti-aging  – Holistic –  Organic –  Vegan

Energised with Reiki


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free from parabens, artificial colours & perfume

suitable for sensitive skin


Angelic Energy Skincare is individually handmade by Holistic Aromatherapist and

Reiki practitoner Ms Margaret Meliorvita, at her home in Surrey.


I make Angelic Energy Skincare with Mother Nature’s finest anti-aging botanicals –increasing collagen 

and elastin at a cellular level to reduce fine lines & wrinkles – powerful anti-antioxidant vitamins to

protect skin against environmental stress –  Aromatherapy essential oils to rejuvenate skin & uplift

emotions & energised water infused with Reiki – because your skin is the first layer of your Aura and what

you put on your skin affects the energy field of your body – your aura. Margaret x

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