Angelic Energy Skincare – Cellular renewal + Holistic 5D energy


Individually handcrafted by Holistic Aromatherapist & Reiki practitoner Margaret Meliorvita

Cellular renewal + Holistic 5D energy

Organic. Vegan. Free from parabens,
artificial colours & perfumes.

Individually handcrafted with

Mother Nature’s finest

skin rejuvenating extracts, actives,

 vitamins & botanicals.

Energised with holistic 5D

Angelic Energy + Reiki.

Suitable for sensitive skin

…from the creator of ANGLEIC ENERGY SKINCARE….

“…I handcraft Angelic Energy Skincare with Mother Nature’s finest plant

extracts and vitamins which increase skin collagen and elastin at a cellular

level to reduce fine lines and wrinkles; powerful anti-oxidant vitamins to

protect skin against environmental stress and Aromatherapy oils to

rejuvenate skin & uplift emotions.

I work with the Angelic Realms when i handcraft my range and I invite

them to energise ANGELIC ENERGY SKINCARE with 5D High frequency

Angelic Energy – specifically the 5D qualities of Love Light Grace, and then

I energise the finished product with Reiki – because our skin is the first

layer of our Aura, so what we put on our skin affects the energy field of our

body – our Aura – and therefore our overall wellbeing.” Margaret x